The First Snow.

Yesterday Chicago got a lovely surprise: the first snowfall.

I'm not going to lie, there is something magical about the first time that it snows during the winter. I personally detest winter, but the first snowfall and snowing on Christmas Day, I can make an exception for. It's times like these where my heated blanket gets some extra love as I snuggle in its warmth and watch Netflix and play video games.

While watching the snow fall as I cruised in the back seat on I-90, one song came on shuffle and it fit the mood perfectly. Keep The Streets Empty For Me by Fever Ray gives off a very cold aura. Beautiful, yet cold. The album Fever Ray as a whole I described it to someone as being in Siberia in the dead of winter. It's breathtaking, understated, yet it has a frosty aura that could be perceived as unforgiving at times. 

If you like your electronic music as moody as I do, then this track might be your cup of tea as you crank up the thermostat and prepare for the rest of winter to come.