Style Staples.

Hey guys! I hope you've had a good start to your year so far! When I first had the idea to blog, I wanted to write about fashion, and I made it one of my goals for this year. So without further ado, here's my first fashion post.

When people ask me about my style, I have to sometimes think to myself how would I define my style. I feel like my style can be a chameleon at times, morphing to fit my surroundings or my mood. I think most of my style tends to be edgy and trendy street style.

I'm going to share with you the staples and pieces that I've been wearing constantly this winter season.

My Style Staples

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1.  Black Riding Boots: This is my first pair of riding boots, and to be honest, this purchase was long overdue. I have always loved the look of riding boots, but never pulled the trigger for whatever reason. After realizing that I have no suitable shoes for winter besides my UGG boots, I went ahead and purchased some shoes from, a online fast fashion boutique from the UK. I love how these boots can play to my preppy side and also dress up a more casual look. I style these boots with all of my leggings and jeans. I love the gold hardware on the boot and the back part of the boot is a bit more stretchy so it fits over my calves for a snug fit. .

These are one of my go-to boots this season. I wish the sole had a bit more tread to it, but they also keep more of my lower half warm since they come up to my knee. I don't regret buying this boot at all.

2. Black Chelsea Boots: Another first for me is this pair of Chelsea boots. I had some other booties but they either have a heel or are not winter appropriate. I wanted a simple pair of black low-heeled boots that I can wear either in the day or at night. When I bought the riding boots, I also picked up these shoes as well. I wear these shoes almost all the time, especially if I'm going out at night. I also wear these shoes with all of my leggings and jeans, but I also will style these with my joggers. They're my new going out shoes because no one has time for cold feet in this Chicago weather.

3. Black Velvet Choker: I usually wear super big statement necklaces, but when I was window shopping in Hollister one day, I found a thick black velvet choker for $3.00! How could I not purchase it? It has become one of my go-to necklaces for going out, because of how simple it is, and it doesn't get in the way while I'm dancing. I'll style it with either a low-cut top or a top with a higher neckline. For tops with a super high neckline, I use the choker and lariat set which is up next.

4. Choker and Lariat Necklace Set: I've really gotten into chokers lately, and I saw this while shopping for other things on Forever 21, so I picked it up on a whim. I love the simplicity of the necklace, and the simple rhinestone touches. I didn't expect to wear it as much as I do. I can wear it with virtually any top, whether it be a high neck or a low neck top. If you're a fan of minimalist necklaces, then this one is for you.

5. Lace Up Crop Top: I love wearing crop tops, even in the winter time. It's one of my favorite shirt options to wear with high-wasted pants, which is what my pant wardrobe is slowly but surely transitioning toward. I had been wearing body suits for a while before this top and I have several other crop tops, but not a black crop top. The sleeves that are on the shirt are a little odd, but I usually pull the sleeves up, especially if I'm wearing my grey duster, so it's no big deal. I usually style this with any of my high-waisted pants and either my grey duster/kimono or a leather jacket. It truly has become a staple in my wardrobe.

6. Velvet Faux Gem & Rhinestone Sequin Pants: To be frankly honest, I didn't expect to come across these pants when shopping. I went to the store just to return something, but I spotted these and had to at least try them on. I was surprised that they actually fit. When I went up to the register, one of the sales associates pointed out that the pants were a return, that they were web exclusives and weren't available in store. When I heard that, I knew that it was meant to be, and they were 50% off! I rocked these at a birthday party a couple of days after I purchased them and I got numerous compliments on them. The material is super thick so these pants are a good choice to wear in the winter. For painting the town red, these are a great pair of sassy pants to rock.

7. Crushed Velvet High-Rise Flare Pants: I think that these flare pants are a great choice for when you want to be a little cozy when out and about, especially for the holiday season. They're very high wasted so it covers all the problem areas most people, including myself have, and the pants are very roomy so you can eat all the food you want and the pants won't tell on you. I usually don't go for flare pants, but the hunter green pants caught my eye, and it gives me a nice silhouette. I usually pair these pants with a black crop top or bodysuit and a leather jacket.

8. Crushed Velvet Kimono: I picked up this piece on a whim, but I loved it so much that I bought a similar one in dusty pink. I had a long grey sweater that I would wear, but when dressing up it looked too comfy, so this is a great option when dressing up but still wanting that coziness. The feeling of crushed velvet will make you a hit at parties, trust me on that. I usually pair this kimono with an all black look underneath and my Chelsea boots. It's trendy, a bit edgy, and all around classic look in my book.

What are some of your style staples this season?

Leave a comment below letting me know the things you are rocking right now.