Your 2017 Wrapped with Spotify.

One reason I love Spotify is that they come up with really cool personalized playlists.

Like the Time Capsule playlist, where they take music that you might have (or most likely did) listen to when you were younger and put it in one playlist. My Time Capsule playlist took me down memory lane, as it probably did for a lot of other people.

Every year they update their Year in Music website where they take all the streaming data and make playlists like Top Tracks of 2017, Top Male Artists of 2017, and Top Female Artists of 2017 along other ones.


Once you reach the 2017 Wrapped page, it gives you a little quiz to see if you know what you listened to the most. I thought it was really cool, seeing what I thought I listened to the most and what I actually listened to the most not align.

This year they also made a playlist of songs that would be of interest to you given what's in your top songs playlist, which I thought was a really cool touch.

As a girl who loves data, and data-driven experiences, Spotify's personalized playlists will continue to be a favorite of mine.

What's on your Top Songs of 2017 playlist?

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