What's On My Christmas List.

Can you believe that it's only 20 days until Christmas? Me neither.  

With Christmas coming up very soon, I've been thinking of what I would want to get for Christmas from Santa (myself), so here's what's on my Christmas list for 2017:

Christmas Wish List

  1. New TV: The TV in my room is currently broken, and this girl has an Xbox that she needs to use with no distractions. My Xbox has become my entertainment center as well as being my beloved gaming console. I stream Netflix, Hulu, TV, Spotify, amongst other apps all through my Xbox. And when I'm in the gaming mood, I typically throw on my all-time favorite game series Mass Effect and I save the galaxy the Shepard way.
  2. Dress Coat: While going through my closet, I realized that I don't have a nice coat that I can dress up. I have parkas, fleece jackets, my puffy jacket, and my furry jean jacket, but I didn't have a coat that I could wear when going to a nice event, or one to wear when it's just a little chilly outside. I've also been meaning to get a camel coat for the longest time, as it is a staple both for fall and for your closet. The reason that I haven't purchased one yet is that I'm really picky with the color, as I need a camel coat that won't make me look washed out. I'm choosing this one from Forever21 because I like the cut of the jacket and for the price I can experiment to see if the color is right for me and my style.
  3. Bean Boots: So I've lived in the Midwest all of my life, yet I still don't have a good pair of winter boots that aren't Uggs. Where I grew up we got a TON of snow. Chicago's specialty is sub-zero temperatures, though the past few years we've been blessed with warmer than usual temperatures. Either way, it still does snow in the Windy City, and I need boots that have a lot of traction. LL Bean boots are a classic choice to brave the icy streets.
  4. Laptop Backpack: I carry my laptop with me to a lot of places. To work, to the coffee shop, and everywhere in between. I've been using a North Face backpack for a while, and it carries my stuff, but in a not so fashionable manner (it's incredibly bulky). I've been seeing this TUMI backpack everywhere, and I love the look of it. It carries all of your essentials but in a stylish and refined manner.
  5. Quilted Vest: One thing to know about me is that I wear vests. A lot. I recently got one from Uniqlo and I am in love with it. Besides this vest, the only other one that I have is from The North Face and it isn't too business casual. This one from Factory by J.Crew has been pinned and repined on Pinterest countless times, and for good reason. Great cut and I am a sucker for herringbone.
  6. Winter Coat: I am almost always cold. Like I use a heated blanket and mattress pad in the middle of July type of cold. So last year I realized that even after wearing multiple layers, a North Face parka doesn't quite do the trick for me. So it's time to invest in a winter coat that doesn't blink when sub-zero winds come its way. So Canada Goose it is. I picked out the Kensington parka because it still has the feminine silhouette but it will keep me toasty warm. 


What's on your Christmas list for this year?