96 Hours in Champaign.

Coming into the city, I thought I was on the set of Silent Hill or Children of the Corn. No, like seriously.


My train was stuck for 25 minutes just outside of my destination in the middle of cornfields, so I thought I was in a horror movie. One thing about me is that I am a city girl through and through, even though I lived in suburbia growing up.

Eventually I made it to the station and my best friend picked me up and we started the epic celebration of her graduation by eating waffle fries and taking goofy pics on the quad.

As much as I poked fun at my friend for living in Champaign, I actually had a great time here. Granted I would never live there for an extended period of time, but there were cool parts of the city that I got to explore during my time here.

I got to explore the downtown area during a sushi date, explored the college nightlife scene (it's not poppin'), and I got to see neighboring communities.


This weekend was truly a special one as I got to make some unforgettable memories with both my best friend, her sisters, and my older siblings. I also made some awesome friends this weekend as well.

This weekend was also one for the books because I got to check some things off my never-ending bucket list like ice skating, wearing a onesie, and doing a shotski.

I got to practice what I preach this weekend with exploring and getting out of comfort zones, and I'm going to make it a habit in 2018 to do it more often. So with that being said:

What new habits are in your future for 2018?