Life Flashing Before My Eyes: Why I've Been Gone.

You guys may have wondered why I have been MIA from this space.

Not much longer after I wrote the post in August, I was struck with health issues. I would be in constant pain for weeks at a time, and so I went to the doctors again and again to see what the issue was. The problem was found, but it was at a point where all I could do was just wait and pray that it doesn't hurt too much.

I was in a constant state of misery, waiting hour by hour, hoping pain wouldn't occur, or that it would be bearable. The health issue started messing with my psyche, and I fell into a bout of depression as a result of it. I was always unhappy, knowing that I wasn't feeling like myself. I was on a couple of medications that messed with my body's hormones, and started affecting my brain by giving me blackouts.

There would be days that I would just cry my heart out, because I felt so much pain physically, and felt so frustrated emotionally. I wasn't my snappy, witty self, I was a much darker version of it. Just pessimistic and bitter. I would take days off of school and work because the pain would be too much.

I'm in a better state health-wise. I'm starting to feel like myself again. I didn't know how good my life was in terms of health until I was in a place where my mind was a slave to my body.

If there is one thing that I would want you to take away from this, it's to make sure to take care of your health. Sometimes, you won't realize how important your health is until your life flashes before your eyes.